Week 3 – From Desperation to Determination

Hopefully by now, you have watched the first DVD session and gone through the group and individual study questions as well as worked through the in-between sessions questions and activities. If not, don’t be discouraged, just work on them when you can.

Here are the group questions from the second session of the MTC Participant’s Guide. Remember that since we cannot write them all out, I am paraphrasing and providing an outline you can use below to answer the questions for yourself.

Session 2: From Desperation to Determination

Group Discussion: The Week in Review

Discuss any insights or challenges/victories you’ve experienced in the past two weeks while working through this material, and feel free to engage with other members of this group if you have questions or constructive comments for them.

Group Discussion – p. 33 (1,2)

Group Discussion – The Hole in My Foundation – p. 36 (1,2,3)

Group Discussion – How Much Do You Weight…Spiritually? – p.36-7 (1,2,3,4)

Group Discussion – The Story of Jacob and Esau – p. 37-8 (1,2,3,4)

Individual Activity and Group Discussion – Determining in Advance What I Will Eat – p. 38-40 (1,2,1,2,3)

Partner Activity – Remember Who You Are:

If you don’t have a partner for this activity, don’t worry. Simply take your book into the bathroom in front of a mirror. Say one sentence of the statement at the bottom of p. 40 at a time to yourself in the mirror. Pretend you are talking to your best friend or someone you dearly love because that is how God talks to you.


Week 1 – From Deprivation to Empowerment

This week, you will want to:

1) Watch the first DVD session;

2) Complete the Individual Activities;

3) Consider and respond to the Group Discussion.

I checked with Lysa TerKeurst (the wonderful author of Made to Crave) and due to  understandable copyright issues with posting all of the Group Discussion questions online, I will instead be posting page numbers and question numbers. As long as you have your Participant’s Guide handy, you should be able to write responses to these questions and we can discuss them.

So, this week’s Group Discussion questions will come from:

P. 13-14 (From Deprivation to Empowerment – 1,2 and The Vicious Cycle – 1, 2)

P. 15-16 (Assessing My Soul – 1,2,3 and How’s Your Want-To? – 1,2)

P. 16-17 (The Story of the Rich Young Man – 1,2,3 and Empowerment – 1,2,3)

When posting your responses to these questions, you can copy and paste the above sections for reference, if desired.  Remember that due to copyright issues, we CANNOT post all the questions on this blog; Lysa’s worked hard for this book, and I don’t want to get in trouble for authoring a blog where copyright infringement occurs, so if I see questions, I’ll have to shut the blog down and/or remove posts out of respect for Lysa.

Since this is technically my blog since I set it up, I do have to moderate comments…I don’t anticipate not allowing any comments unless I find disrespect which I know us Jesus girls (and guys if any join in!) won’t do. I also hope no one will disrespect themselves either – whatever choices you made before right this minute are in the past; leave them there and begin to make better choices, if you choose. This is not a place to beat yourself up but to journey toward choices that honor yourself and God (as your Creator and someone who deeply loves you). You will find love and prayer here.

Please remember that there are no wrong answers; there are simply YOUR answers. This isn’t about being right or wrong; it’s about learning to (or remembering to) put God at the center of our day and our life rather than whatever else has been there and led us down paths we don’t want to go down anymore…be it food or other types of potential addictions.

Let’s have some amazing conversations this week!

Welcome to the MTC DVD & Participant’s Guide Study!

Welcome to the Made to Crave DVD & Participant’s Guide study! Anyone is welcome; the only things you need are a copy of the DVD and participant’s guide, a copy of the MTC book, and your Bible…and a craving for more God in your life.

Here’s what the next 12 weeks will look like: each of the six sessions in the participant’s guide will be broken into two weeks.

The first week will encompass:
1) Watching the DVD session;
2) Doing the individual activities;
3) Posting your responses to the group activities (I will post them on this board every 2 weeks).

The second week will encompass:
1) Doing the between sessions personal Bible study on your own;
2) If desired, please post any reflections on the material and/or how you are doing with your time with God, your eating, and your activity levels.

That way, if you are busy and cannot commit to a certain time frame beyond the bi-weekly schedule, you should still be able to keep up relatively well.

I don’t consider myself a “leader” for this group because I’m on the same journey you are, but I’m happy to facilitate you all by providing the questions here and hopefully some encouragement too. 🙂

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